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About Us

Amit Kumar Fan Club is a cultural organization which was formed on October 13, 2005. This is Amit Kumar's the only fan-club which is approved by the singer himself. It is a cultural organization and is primarily engaged in conducting musical programmes, exhibitions, seminars, radio programmes for paying tribute to Indian musical legends.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives for which the group is established are as under -
  • To arrange programme for paying tribute to our musical legends time to time.
  • To promote the music of the golden era among young generation.
  • The group is also involved in presenting a self designated Amit Kumar Fan Club Samman in the different field of music & in any creative field.
  • To publish magazines, periodicals and other publications from time to time.
  • To help legendary musicians, singers by arranging shows.


  • The group has organized various exhibitions, seminars, musical events in Kolkata, Howrah, Gaganendra Pradarshashala, Bangla Academy, Satyajit (The Calcutta Youth Choir Bhavan), Kala Kunj, Uttam Mancha, Kala Mandir, Nandan, C.T.S.C (Howrah).
  • The group helped out three episodes of the well known bangla news channel Star Ananda's interview based show "Hello VIP" with Amit Kumar by providing stills and videos.
  • The group celebrated Amit Kumar's Birth-Day along with the Amaar FM(106.2) on July 3, 2007 and with the Big FM(92.7) on July 3, 2009.
  • The group is also involved in presenting a self designated Amit Kumar Fan Club Samman. The recipients so far have been:
    Rocket Mondal (2006), Amit Kumar, Vishwas Nerurkar, Biswanath Chatterjee, Late Vinod Sonthalia, Gautam Hhosh (2007), Manohari Singh (2008), Sabita Chowdhury (2009), Sandip Ray (2010).
  • The group has already arranged various book and audio CD launch ceremonies:
    Amit Kumar Top 16 : Saregama HMV (2006) by Ruma Guhathakurta
    Amor Sangeet : Kishore Kumar and Amor Sangeet - S.D.Burman - Saregama HMV (2007) by Amit Kumar
    Ultimate Melodies on Madan Mohan : Gayatri Publications (2007) by Amit Kumar
    R.D. Exclusive Collection : Saregama HMV (2008) by Manohari Singh
    Qatrah Qarah an anthology of Gulzar-Pancham works : Gayatri Publications (2008) and Ek Shurooat-Audio CD-Vanita Music (2008) by Manohari Singh
    Golden Era - O.N.V.Kurup & Salil Chowdhury : Saregama HMV (2009) by Sabita Chowdhury
    Solid Gold - Kishore Kumar : Saregama HMV (2010) by Amit Kumar
    Calendar on Kishore Kumar (2009) by Manohari Singh, Ruma Guhathakurta, Antara Chowdhury, Ramanuj Dasgupta. Details

    Calendar on Amit Kumar (2010) by Amit Kumar, Ruma Guhathakurta, Sandip Ray. Details
    R.D.Burman's the only Western outcome PANTERA (SaregamaHMV) in June, 2010. Details

Premium Membership

It is an open platform for all music buffs who have good taste in music can join us.
The annual membership fee is Rs.800/- only.
It is initiated in month of August in every year (It is also the time for renewing membership for all the existing members). Membership fee has to be deposited within a period as per the mentioned date in notice.

On failure of payment the fee in time members can loose membership for the same financial year. Membership is not transferable.

Members can enjoy these facilities:

  • He/She will be provided with an ID card and a receipt will be sent on receiving the membership fee.
  • Free Pass for any events organized by our organization.(note that only the member can get the facility).
  • Discount on issued products by our group (like- Calendar, audio/video CDs etc.).
  • Limited Free Passes for Amit Kumar's shows organized by other organizations. (Note it depends on availability of passes).
  • Members can attain the MUSIC LISTENING SESSIONS arranged by our very own group.
  • Members can write articles for our Music Magazine on any issues related to the essence of the magazine.
    (Note it has been screened before publishing by the editorial board. All selected articles may not be possible carrying on a single issue.)
  • Free copy will be sent to the contributors. Be it any articles for the music magazine, any financial contribution made towards launching audio CDs or any. He /she won't have to buy the product.
* Facilities are subject to change if group makes any changes for betterment or to run the organization without hassles. All the changes will be officially informed in time. Group won't be liable to inform the reason/reasons behind going for any changes in any rules/facilities to any one.

Contact Us


Email us at:,
Call us at: (0)9830879579, (0)9831288202, (0)9830168207.

For Website related queries & suggestions email us at:

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