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On July 3rd (1952) Amit was born, where Kishore Kumar was born in August 4th (1929). That’s why Kishore used to say “MY SON IS ELDER TO ME BY ONE MONTH, ONE DAY”.
Amit Kumar is Kishore Kumar’s son from his first wife Ruma Devi (Ruma Guhathakurta). He is a versatile singer and an actor. His real name is Amit Kumar Ganguly. His brother Sumeet Kumar (Kishore Kumar’s son From Leena Chandaverkar) is Junior to Amit by Thirty Years.
Gourikunj, Mumbai. Kishore Kumar started shooting his film DOOR KA RAHI after a grand success of DOOR GAGAN KI CHHAON MEIN. During the shooting of the song ‘Main Ek Panchhi Matwala Re’ Master Amit had to sit upon a branch of a tree. He had high fever.
Unfortunately Kishore found the song didn’t match with the sequence. It was edited from the film. But that song released on long play records having name of AMIT GANGULY. It was the debut song of Amit Kumar. Film was released in 1971. Amit re-recorded the same song for ‘MAMTA KI CHHAON MEIN’.
During Amit’s school days in South Point School, Kolkata once Kishore Kumar came to meet his son. He was surprised when he saw that students were just running out of of the classes. He didn’t know what happened. One of his friends told him “Amit your father has come”. Amit went to the Principal’s room, met his father. Kishoreda told “isn’t it a surprise to you?”
Hemanta Mukherjee was very close to Gangulis. During Amit’s childhood days he used to go Kishore Da’s Mumbai residence with Hemanta Da in summer or winter holidays. Kishore Kumar used to send car at Mumbai Airport to receive His Sunny amit. Hemanta Da was so caring to little Amit, where Amit sang once for his near-dear Hemanta Da in a Bangla Film.
In 1970, Amit Kumar did his first solo stage show in Bhowanipur, Kolkata. In 1970, he also performed in EAST AFRICA which was his first over sea’s show with his father Kishore Kumar. Amit used to play the bongo and the kongo to accompany his father in various shows. At Rabindra Sadan Kishore Da enjoyed his Sunny amit’s performance from Light Man’s Place.
From the very beginning of 70’s Amit started singing in local stage shows. Kishore never knew it. After knowing it he asked Amit to come Mumbai. Kishore introduced Amit in ‘Papa Kishore and Sunny amit together, first time’. S.D.Burman, Kalyanji-Anandji were among guests. After the show was over, Sachin Da awarded Amit by gifting his own garland. He asked his dear & near Kishore not to waste such talent.
In 1973, on a very special request of Kishore Kumar HMV agreed to release Amit Kumar’s First Private Album (SP Record). All Two Thousand records were sold out within a week. Kishore Kumar wished Amit for his first grand success.
To celebrate Amit’s 25th birthday Kishore Kumar arranged a grand party at Gourikunj in presence of most of all big stars of film industry. Kishore Da sang K.L.Saigal’s songs, Where Kalyanji-Anandji, Rajesh Roshan made the night musical. Pancham da was not present as he was in USA. Sunil Dutt came 2 0’clock at night. It was the biggest birthday celebration in his life.
Once Raj Kapoor offered songs of ‘BOBBY’ to Amit Kumar. But Amit didn’t show any interest. He came back to Kolkata. Undoubtedly he missed that golden chance. Laxi-Pyare used Shailendra Singh in spite of their first choice Amit Kumar.
Amit Kumar is Shyamal Mitra’s fan. He loves Shyamal Da’s Songs since his childhood days.
Actor Sachin was very young hero in Shakti Samanta’s Balika Badhu. Shakti Da needs a fresh voice for Sachin. Pancham Da wanted Amit for a song. During a sitting, Amit sang one of Kishore Kumar’s most popular song. On the way to home Kishore Da criticized Amit a lot. Amit could not sleep that night. Next day morning Amit got a call from Pancham Da for the song ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’. Incidentally it is Amit’s first hit song.
‘Mandir Ka Bhajan Lag Raha Hai’—it was such hilarious comment of R.D.Burman about his own composition ‘Yaad Aa Rahi hai’. Before recording the song Pancham asked Amit that does he like the song or not? Amit was surprised. Still it is a super hit song. Amit got Film Fare Award for the song in 1981.
As per reference of great singer Manna Dey Amit started learning classical music from Ghulam Mustafa. He was there for only six months. Then in 1987 after Kishore Kumar’s death Amit took lesson of classical music from Satyanarayan Ji of Banaras Gharana for two years.
Among singers only Amit has a great opportunity to act with the great composer R.D.Burman. Pancham Da was Amit’s Co-Star in a Bangla Film ‘GAYAK’. In ‘BADHTI KA NAAM DADHI’ Amit acted with music composer Bapi Lahiri.
In Third antara of ‘Kya hua is baat par’ Amit did a harkaat which was highly appreciated by Pancham Da. It was not in the original tune. Pancham Da kissed Amit’s face and blessed him. It was on the spot creation.
The tune of ‘Kya Yehi Pyar Hai’ was originally composed by musician Bhanu Gupta. Once Amit heard that tune drew Pancham Da’s attention on it. “Dekho Bhanu Da ne kya tune banaya hai?” It works. Pancham Da composed ‘Jeo na jeo na’ on it. Amit got the chance to sing the tune first in 1979.
On the release function of Amit Kumar’s Private Album ‘MAD’, Pancham Da gave Amit a great compliment “Amit you are ahead of your time. But it is also true, it is a flop project. Reason is no one can understand whatever you have made”.
Once Amit went late in rehearsal of ‘NISCHAAY’. O.P.Nayyar was the composer. He was waiting for Amit in front of studio’s gate. Nayyar Sahab asked Amit why he was late. After recording the songs Nayyar Sahab gave Amit a great compliment, “Amit your father was genius but his voice didn’t have gamaak which your voice has.” What a great compliment!
Same Tune for Kishore And Amit. Yes! R.D.Burman did it. There are seven same tunes sang by Amit and his father separately. But the most interesting point in it is all Bangla songs were sang by Sunny amit and all Hindi by Papa Kishore. Songs are given below :-

(a) Pran To Maane Na Bachna Ae Hasina
(b) Kato Din Aar Mujhko Baas Yuhi Udaas Rahene Do
(c) Patho cheye Chhodo Sanam
(d) Sono Rubi Zubi Zubi
(e) Jeona Jeona Kya Yehi Pyar Hai
(f) E Paar Bhange Kabhi Palkon Pe
(g) Ki Kore Janle Tumi Tum Mere Zindegi Mein
Apart from Bangla & Hindi songs Amit sang several songs in Bhojpuri , Oria, Asamees, Marathi, Goanees. It proves his capability as a versatile singer.
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